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What Will Rick Perry Do With The Department of Energy?

What Will Rick Perry Do With The Department of Energy?

April 7, 2017 Mr. Rick Perry Secretary of Energy   Mr. Kenneth C. Cestari Deputy Chief Counsel, Loan Programs Office   United States Department of Energy 1000 Independence Ave. SW Washington DC 20585 202-586-5000 Re: Funding rejection letters dated March 30, 2017 Dear Secretary Perry: Obama insider Kenneth Cestari is fully aware of the following … Continue reading

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(VIDEO) Consumers Find Google to be Unethical With The Public 2016 election 2016 elections afghanistan Afghanistan Waste Exhibit A: Kajaki Dam Another Consumer Complaint About Google in Song ATVM Loan Barack Obama bernie sanders best value vehicles and systems Big Ticket Opposition Research Attacks Using Google Consumer Complaints About Google Consumer Complaint Song Consumer Safety Cover-up- The Tesla Motors Scandal Consumers confront Google Executives at Home Corruption: Covert Google Operative Discusses Tactics While Working For Eric Schmidt's IQT Department of Energy donald trump election 2016 Elon Musk Eric Holder Eric Holder and Google Eric Schmidt Facebook FBI for the longest range Frank Giustra Gawker gawker media Google Google's Investores Google AntiTrust Case Google Defamation Google Investors Google Law Suit Google Monopoly google postitutes Google sex scandal google sex scandals Google Staff Character Studies Google stock market rigging hillary clinton How Google "Reads Minds" to try to manipulate votes and purchases How Google Causes It's Employees To Become Whistle-Blowers How Google lied to the public and manipulated expectations hulk hogan I Am Not A Prostitute Ivanpah John Doerr Kleiner Perkins larry page lithium ion model x More Than $300M Spent and Still Not Done A Senate subcommittee is looking at waste by a Pentagon task force. It would do well to review the reasons why a major hydroelectric power plant sits unfinishe Nick Denton Ralph Nader On Hostile Corporate Takeover Attempts of Washington DC Silicon Valley Solar City solyndra Space X Steven Chu Steve Spinner Terry Bollea tesla fires Tesla Motors The Gigafactory: Death In The Desert The Many Covered-up Deaths Of Tesla Motors TSLA twitter VALLEYBEAT- Why Google Is The New Evil Empire washington corruption What Becomes Of A Consumers Private Data When They Use Google? What Does Google Do With Consumers Deepest Secrets What Does Google Know About You

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    THE “CARGATE” SCANDAL MOVIE is this feature length film comprised of film segments. If you watch it in order, you can can stop, start, share and rewind the segments here. The movie will auto-update as new segments are created. The segments were produced by many producers and are coming from many servers across the web. […] The post The “CARGATE” SCANDAL MOVI […]
    THE DNC NEWS SUPPRESSION CARTEL       Instagram, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Oculus, Linkedin, Craigslist, and the Silicon Valley tech companies control voter perceptions for over 200 million people.     The recent leak of DNC emails proves that Eric Schmidt, David Drummond and John Doerr of Google are pretty much paying all of the […] The post THE DNC NEWS A […]
    https://theintercept.com/2016/04/22/googles-remarkably-close-relationship-with-the-obama-white-house-in-two-charts/ The Android Administration Google’s Remarkably Close Relationship With the Obama White House, in Two Charts f t ✉ ⎕ 22 Illustration by The Intercept. Photo: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images David Dayen Apr. 22 2016, 6:00 a.m. When President Oba […]
  • The Tesla Department of Energy Fraud
    In the Federal Laws it states that Tesla had to have a certain rating to have gotten its federal funds: The facts now PROVE that TESLA did NOT qualify and had a horrible credit rating and the worst debt-ratio per U.S. Treasury staff. This means that Tesla could have only gotten it’s taxpayer give-away cash […] The post The Tesla Department of Energy Fraud ap […]
  • Inquirer Claims Clinton “Sex Cult” Exposed
    Inquirer Claims Clinton “Sex Cult” Exposed – Rapes, Sexting, Weiner’s, Lesbian orgies, Sex-For-Federal-Agency-Jobs, “Open Marriages”, Huma’s Secret – Inquirer Pulls Out All The Stops           New Bill Clinton Sexual Assault Accuser Goes Public for First Time... Video…       HILLARY CLOSET BUSTED OPEN!   CONFESSIONS…           The post Inquirer Claims Clinto […]
  • Warning: Microsoft Source Code Leaked. All Windows PC’s Can Now Be Hacked With Ease
    Someone leaked 32TB of Windows 10 internal builds and source code Expect more hack attacks on Windows after this leak. by Waqas June 24, 2017, 12:47 am Email @hackread shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Reddit WhatsApp StumbleUpon It looks like Microsoft is in trouble again. This time not for its critical vulnerabilities in Windows operating system […] The post […]
  • Leaked Guide Shows Clinton Staffers How To Cheat On Campaign Finance
    Leaked Guide Shows Clinton Staffers How to Solicit for Super PAC Without Breaking Pesky Rules Jon Schwarz For The Intercept Photo: Corbis/Getty Images Let’s say you’re running a huge campaign to elect Hillary Clinton president. Citizens United made it possible for Super PACs to raise unlimited amounts of money from incredibly rich people. You want them to gi […]
  • Naked LIving Mermaid With Webbed Appendages Found In Fresno, California
    Woman with webbed feet found naked and wet by police insists she is a mermaid Officers appeal for help in identifying mystery woman Ben Kentish @BenKentish Police said the woman would only say her name was Joanna and that she was a mermaid Fresno Police Dept Police in California have been left puzzled after finding […] The post Naked LIving Mermaid With Webb […]
  • Who are the Silicon Valley campaign financier shills?
    Who are the Silicon Valley campaign financier shills?       By Emily Posner     There are a group of website/news-like sites that have their search results rigged with their financial partner: Google, in order to synchronize news stories that the hundreds of Google employees (placed inside the U.S. Government) then promote as gospel. […] The post Who are the […]
  • Disney Fights Back Against Pedo-Kingdom Charges
    Pizzagate, Tinklebell and trouble in the Magic Kingdom While it is true that alligators have been found consuming the bodies of missing young boys in and around Disney World, Florida, there is no proof that a covert Disney boy abuse club exists. While the areas surrounding the Los Angeles/Anaheim area account for some of the […] The post Disney Fights Back A […]
  • Zuckerberg unlikely to convince Conservatives Facebook isn’t rigged for Hillary
    Zuckerberg unlikely to convince Conservatives Facebook isn’t rigged for Hillary   – Zuckerberg’s shell companies are some of the biggest financiers for Hillary and Obama   – Zuckerberg’s shell companies have spent millions on lobbyists who exclusively fight GOP   – All top news executives are DNC supporters   – Zuckerberg and staff have had […] The post Zuck […]
  • Are Google, Facebook and Twitter, per Reddit, a “Cartel of evil” or just a fun bunch of Stanford buddies?
    Are Google, Facebook and Twitter, per Reddit, a “Cartel of evil” or just a fun bunch of Stanford buddies? If this techno-triad of companies are the only ones in the world with the exact same money people, same interconnected board-level decision-makers, same policies, same politics, same mnemonic trigger words, same public policy, same pretension of […] The […]
  • U.S. Senator Franken Says There Will Hearings Over “Rogue Elements” In The FBI
    Franken: “We Will Have Hearings” About “Rogue Elements” Inside The FBI   Posted By Tim Hains On Date November 6, 2016     http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2016/11/06/franken_we_will_have_hearings_about_rogue_elements_inside_the_fbi.html Sen. Al Franken called Sunday for an investigation into “rogue” elements within the FBI. FBI director James Comey has […]
  • FCC votes to keep most media ownership rules
    submitted by /u/DoremusJessup [link] [comments] The post FCC votes to keep most media ownership rules appeared first on THE LONDON WORLDWIDE NEWS.
  • (VIDEO) The return of "Sex Island". Billionaire hijinx lead to illicit actions.
    (VIDEO) The return of “Sex Island”. Billionaire hijinx lead to illicit actions. Read More and see video:  https://www.corbettreport.com/epstein-update-court-cases-in-motion-against-billionaire-pedophile/ The post (VIDEO) The return of "Sex Island". Billionaire hijinx lead to illicit actions. appeared first on THE LONDON WORLDWIDE NEWS.
  • Google Destroy’s A Decade of Artist’s Work
    Google deletes artist’s blog and a decade of his work along with it Getty Images   Fusion Video #OrlandoUnited: How the nation is showing support after the Pulse shooting This pill allows you to have anxiety-free sex. So why aren’t more people taking it?   By Ethan Chiel Follow Feed Share Tweet Tumblr Email Artist […] The post Google Destroy’s A Decade of Ar […]
  • Has Yoweri Museveni walked the talk on funding family planning in Uganda? | Richard M Kavuma
    Health experts in Uganda are divided about how far the president has made good on the promises he made at the London family planning summit four years ago Critical moment for family planning as funds come under pressure For decades, activists in Uganda called for manageable family sizes. At the same time, President Yoweri Museveni […] The post Has Yoweri Mus […]
    Tesla announced it was freaking out early Friday against the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s disclosure that it is investigating the electric car maker for a suspension issue and over having customers sign “non disclosure agreements” that could impede reporting. “There is no car company in the world that cares more about about safety than [… […]
  • Pedophile Charges as Two Gay Billionaires Go For Blood In High Stakes High-Tech Legal Battle
    They both are gay. They both want each other destroyed. They both are dedicated to the complete and total destruction of the business empires of each other. The battle for digital media has just gone into over-drive as the British elite society connections of one and the sex life of the other come out in […] The post Pedophile Charges as Two Gay Billionaires […]
  • Protected: The Google Forensics Studies
    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. The post Protected: The Google Forensics Studies appeared first on THE LONDON WORLDWIDE NEWS.

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